Acetylene Plant

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia establishes itself as a leading company for manufacturing and exporting a vast range of reliable and well performing plants, including acetylene gas plants. Our plants are technologically uncommon as we acquire technology along with designs and drawing from a popular company "Felice Mandressi" of Italy. In order to bring exclusive output, our company uses raw materials taken from verified vendors and components from the international market.

For supplying high quality acetylene plant machinery, we have become the most well-known manufacturer in Nigeria.It has been made possible because of our commitment to quality and compliance with international standards.It is difficult to find an exporter of acetylene generation plant in south Africa that uses advanced technology matched with competitive prices.Our company has made its mark in whole of Africa. It is no wonder, then, that we have emerged as the top supplier of acetylene gas generator in Botswana.We also offer acetylene production equipments plants in Burundi and Kenya and acetylene production plant suppiler in Zimbabwe and Ghana.
Acetylene Plant Installation
With over two decades of experience and well trained engineers, our company designs and develops technologically advanced and fully automatic plants such as oxygen plants, nitrogen plant, acetylene plants and air separation plants. We offer the plants with varying capacities, one can choose as per the requirement. The advanced R&D department and state-of-the-art production units are well equipped with modern equipment that works as backbone of our organization.
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Acetylene Installation Setup

Acetylene Gas Plant Equipments

Acetylene Gas Generator

Acetylene Generator

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia is an esteemed company in the engineering sector for designing, developing and supplying acetylene gas generators, which are technologically very advanced and perform as per the plants of international standard.

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Acetylene Purifier

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia designs and develops the acetylene purifier, which is a large vessel divided into two section wire mesh frame work. The inside of vessel is coated with Chlorinated Rubber Paint as anti-corrosive measure.

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Acetylene Compressor

Our acetylene compressor is of rated capacity (Three Stage Type), Normal Reciprocating Piston Type, Oil Lubricated water submerged with Safety Valves, Pressure Gauges, Moisture Separators, Flame Proof Motor with Pulley, V-Belts and Belt Guard, Pneumatically Pressure Controlled).

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High Pressure Drier

The high pressure dryer comprises of three columns. The first column is filled with packing to avoid any void and for proper mixing and the second and third are filled with anhydrous calcium chloride.

Motorized Acetone Pump

This Rotary Gear Pump is made up of Stainless Steel fitted with 0.5 HP flame Proof Motor is employed for filling acetone into cylinders. Being made up of Stainless Steel raw materials, its life span is very high.

Acetylene Gas Lines

Vertical M.S. Vessel fitted with Half Circle perforated M.S. Plates filled with one charge Hydrous Calcium Chloride.


The condenser is used in the process as a part for the complete condensation of the flow mixture.