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Acetylene Compressor

Our acetylene compressor is of rated capacity (Three Stage Type), Normal Reciprocating Piston Type, Oil Lubricated water submerged with Safety Valves, Pressure Gauges, Moisture Separators, Flame Proof Motor with Pulley, V-Belts and Belt Guard, Pneumatically Pressure Controlled). All three stages of the Compressor are provided with a Pressure Gauges to monitor the inter stage pressure.

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia offers the acetylene compressor, which is a multi-stage compressor and is placed inside a water tank to shun any pressurized gas to get in contact with air and also to ensure that all the components are continuously cooled down for highest safety. The compressor is driven by a flame proof electric motor. It works exceptionally as per the international standards.

Acetylene compressor features include:
  • Design and drawing of latest standard
  • High pressure & low pressure safety cut off
  • External lubricator is integrated
  • Wika German make pressure gauges
  • Inter stage moisture separators for moisture drain by centralized drain valve station
  • Long life of antistatic v belts
Acetylene Compressor
Acetylene Compressor

BDM Cryofusion & Mandressi Italia incorporates latest compressor in its acetylene plants in order to increase life span and performance of the plants. Our fashion of using raw materials for CE approved vendors and components from the international market helps us able to produce the products that give guarantee of long life, reliability and durability. We use latest compressors in order to enhance performance and maintain purity consistency of our plants.